Weiss Memorial Hospital’s Arvey Community Health Center has been providing high quality, accessible healthcare services to Uptown since the hospital first opened its doors in 1952.

Arvey Clinic

Pictured above (left to right): Arvey Clinic medical residents Najiyah Salwa, MD, Prasanna Raut, MD and Andreina Tarff, MD with Weiss attending physician Maja Spaseski, MD.

Known as the Arvey Clinic, the health facility offers a full range of primary healthcare and podiatry services for adults over the age of 18, providing care to Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurance, and self-pay patients. No one is turned away for being uninsured or underinsured. Same day appointments are regularly available.

As a teaching facility, the Arvey Clinic is home to Weiss’ internal medicine residents who provide care under the direct supervision and guidance of board-certified internal medicine doctors. This team-oriented approach provides continuing education for both residents and doctors, as well as more thorough, detail-oriented care for patients.

Pictured above: Medical assistant Deana Robinson, MA (left) and medical resident Andreina Tarff, MD (right) care for patient Stan Biggs in the Arvey Clinic.

“The Arvey Clinic is staffed by medical residents who come from all over the world to train at Weiss and experience the diversity of Uptown,” shared Internal Medicine Program Director, Shehzad Ali, MD. “These bright young doctors work with experienced internal medicine attendings at Weiss to develop their patients’ treatment plans.”

Dr. Ali has served as a core faculty member of the program for more than 30 years and as the director for the past 18 years.

Weiss’ medical residents mirror the diversity of Uptown, speaking nearly 30 different languages and providing health services in their patients’ native tongues. And because the clinic is a teaching facility, patients benefit from longer appointment times and in-depth conversations that help doctors and patients alike.

Pictured above: Associate Program Director Allan Tachauer, MD (second from left), discusses patient cases with medical residents (seen clockwise from Dr. Tachauer) Ayomide Ireti Sotomi-Foluso, MD, Gantuya Tserenpil, MD, Elena Blagoie, MD and Menal Bhadari, MD.

“Very few hospitals can serve their communities so well and provide the personalized care we can, all within our patients’ primary languages,” said Associate Program Director Allan Tachauer, MD, an attending physician and core faculty member for more than 20 years. “Many of our patients choose to receive care at our clinic despite having insurance that allows access to larger academic hospitals. Here they can take their time and the doctors really listen.”

The clinic is located on the 4th floor of Weiss Memorial Hospital. To schedule an appointment, call (773) 564-7400.