Dear Dr. Shehan,

I believe you must inspire Excellence…

My sister, Kathleen W. was admitted to Weiss on Thursday, July 30 for a complete hip revision performed by Henry Finn M.D.

Kathy with her sisters

I would like to share with you our experience…consider yourself blessed with the staff you have in your employ! Hospital experiences frequently leave the patients disconcerted, frightened and even angry. On the other hand, the patient would hope to encounter kind, caring people with the patient’s best interest at heart. Weiss provided us that experience and I want you to know the names of the people who made such a favorable and lasting impression.

Janice Smith, front desk, definitely the face of Weiss, cheery attitude, allayed fears and concerns.

Rickey, housekeeping…met him on Monday, July 27 while waiting for Covid testing, he took the time to assure us Weiss was doing its part to keep patients safe…just the fact that he took the time to make us comfortable speaks volumes.

Subsequently, we were sent to the 2nd Floor to the surgical waiting room until called back for pre-op, where we met Joanne Barren, staff…Surgical waiting room…I would be remiss if I didn’t inform you of her helpfulness and genuine caring! Joann took the time to pray with a surgical patient’s mother, making that Mom’s experience less stressful. She is the personification of caring.

Pre-op nurse, Amy completed prep at 7:15. Kind and caring…Around this time the anesthesiologist, Dr. Alioto, examined Kathy. He was so kind and genuinely concerned for her comfort…The nurse anesthetist, Amber said they would be using a general IV sedation, breathing tube, anesthetic gas and a special video scope. Helped eliminate my fears…concern for C1, C2…Kathy has stage 4 RA. We also met Renee, the surgery nurse. Happy, cheery…

I shared with Deb Larkin, how wonderful pre-op staff was…she even provided me her personal cell number…

Kathy arrived in room 454 approximately 2:30pm post surgery. Her Nurse was Annette and PCT was Rowena, great nurses…shift change brought in PCT, Elizabeth and RN, Nicole. Needless to say, the dalaudin made her high and the patience that Nicole and Elizabeth extended to her was laudatory. You certainly have a knack for hiring fabulous caregivers…I would be remiss if I did not mention RN, Edson and Daxa, PCT. I did inform Liz Kurien, how proud she should be of her 4th floor nurses.

My compliments on David and Steve in Physical Therapy…their assessment of my sister, was spot on and proved to me that she needed further therapy and was not ready to go home alone.

On Saturday, I spoke with Juanita, nurse/social worker on call. She too provided me her personal cell number. She also had Dr. Aronson, Finn’s resident, call to apprise me of what was going on with Kathy.

Last, but not least…Al Given! The man wears multiple hats and wears them WELL! I would have been lost without his help. His recommendation for additional skilled nursing and physical therapy is Wesley Place and he has made all arrangements. He has held my hand through the entire process…he is thoughtful, kind, caring, considerate…but most of all understanding of the situation.

All, I can say, Dr. Shehan, you have been blessed…as have myself and Kathy.

Kudos to Weiss!

Patricia E. Millerick