International Medical Corps is a humanitarian aid organization that works with local, national and international health agencies to deliver emergency relief globally, providing medical and related services, as well as training, to those affected by conflict, disaster, and disease. Though the organization typically provides emergency disaster relief internationally, its attention has turned to the United States during this stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

International Medical Corps tent and supplies

Weiss is fortunate to be one of 20 hospitals in the nation to receive emergency medical field units that are currently set up in front of our Emergency Department (ED). In the coming weeks, International Medical Corps will be installing new equipment to support the units, including HEPA filtration, monitors, glidescopes, a defibrillator, and IV pumps. The field units will also have wash stations, administrative support space, and storage.

Moving forward, the field units, and all the equipment needed to make them fully operational, are now the property of Weiss. The units will have many uses, as described below.

During a surge:

  • The front hub will be used to triage all patients coming to the ED. Patients exhibiting respiratory issues could be sent to the units and non-respiratory patients could be sent to the main ED.
  • The clinical wing will be equipped to care for ICU patients. Telemetry monitors are expected within the next five months. Eight to 10 patients may be supported in this space.
  • The back hub can be a “drive-by” testing site for community members who may have mild symptoms and do not require an ED evaluation/admission.

Off surge, the units will have multiple uses:

  • Ongoing community testing
  • Employee screening
  • Training space
  • Community events

International Medical Corps will provide volunteer staffing throughout 2020. Volunteers will be deployed to Weiss as needed, and may include nurses, physicians, and ancillary support staff. Initially, this volunteer staff will assist with community testing, staff and patient screening, and support our PPE dispensary.

All of us at Weiss are very grateful to International Medical Corps for providing the emergency medical field units and installing the life-saving equipment. We are honored to serve our community during these difficult times.