Chicago Center for Orthopedics


If you’re suffering from joint pain, a back problem, or a sports injury, getting back to the regular activities of your life is important. At the Chicago Center for Orthopedics at Weiss Memorial Hospital, our orthopedic specialists and orthopedic surgeons provide high-quality care for all types of orthopedic problems, including those of the back, spine, knee, hip and other joints.

Using advanced technology and techniques, our orthopedic surgeons use minimally invasive surgical procedures whenever possible, which typically require less recovery time and result in less scarring and pain.

If you’re ready to start living without pain, the orthopedic experts at Weiss are prepared to provide personalized treatment options that can improve your life.

Where does it hurt ?

Foot and Ankle Pain Back, Neck & Spine Pain Arm & Elbow Pain Hand & Wrist Pain Shoulder Pain Hip Pain Knee Pain
Call the Chicago Center for Orthopedics (CCO) at (888) 503-ORTHO (6784) or request an appointment.